Show Budget Calculator

Show Budget Template

How to Use the Show Budget Tool

The Hope Street Theatre Show Budget tool allows users to estimate and manage the budget for their shows. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the tool:

  1. Enter Ticket Price: In the “Price Per Ticket” field, enter the price you will charge for each ticket.
  2. Set Number of Performances: Use the slider to set the number of performances you plan to have. The current number of performances will be displayed next to the slider.
  3. Estimate Seats Sold: Use the slider to estimate the average number of seats sold per show. The percentage of the total capacity (85 seats) will be shown next to the slider.
  4. Enter Venue Hire Costs: Input the total venue hire costs in the respective field.
  5. Enter Production Costs: Input the total costs for set and costume production.
  6. Enter Marketing Costs: Input the total marketing costs.
  7. Enter Wage Costs: Input the total wage costs.
  8. Add Extra Expenditure: If there are any additional costs not covered in the predefined fields, click the “Add Extra Cost Line” button to add more expenditure fields.
  9. Calculate Budget: Click the “Calculate Budget” button to compute the total income, total expenditure, and net income.
  10. Reset Form: To clear all inputs and reset the form, click the “Reset” button.
  11. Export to CSV: To save your budget data as a CSV file, click the “Export to CSV” button.
Category Description Amount (£)
Income Price Per Ticket
Income Number of Performances

Income Average Number of Seats Sold per Show

0 (0%)
Expenditure Venue Hire Costs
Expenditure Production (Set/Costume) Costs
Expenditure Marketing Costs
Expenditure Wage Costs

Total Income £0.00
Total Expenditure £0.00
Net Income £0.00